Anadem Gyre Music Video - Out Now!

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We invite you to listen to our acoustic track, ‘Anadem Gyre’, a branch off our overall sound. Thanks to the support of our fans and Sightsphere - we bring you this visual experience.

Xenoyr comments further, “Based on Romanian folklore, ‘Anadem Gyre’ is a more emphasized dark folk element from within our sound, a portion of this infused into our chamber black metal backbone is what we're working towards on our debut album. With all our tracks we utilize the Romanian tongue, and because of this we thought it fitting that we pay respect to the country, one so rich in spirit and character. In short and on a surface level, the song is about the Iele, the daughters of the woods, mythological creatures (in this interpretation) who would lure and bring misfortune upon men.”

Over the next couple of seasons we’ll be wrapping up the composing details to our debut album and move towards recording throughout 2022. Thank you for your continued support and belief in this project.